Item on Reshet Bet (radio station)

Item on Reshet Bet (radio station)

On Wednesday, March 20 2013, an item about HolyClock was aired on Reshet Bet radio station, in the "Giga-Bet" show - the radio program about Internet, science and technology, edited by Nicolas Rosenbaum and presented by Menachem Granit (guest in the studio: Silvio Pinco).

You may listen to the broadcast recording using the included player:

Here is the item translation:

Menachem Granit: "The next website is HolyClock. Reminds me a little of Holy Grail for some reason... Anyway, what does this website do? It is intended for Shabbat keeping surfers and also website owners who do not want their websites to be visited on Shabbat. HolyClock provides a service for closing websites on Shabbat and Holidays. The closing occurs before Shabbat enters, for each visitor individually. It meaning that if you are situated in Honolulu, it will use Honolulu time, of course based on your location on the globe. Thanks to this service, you can prevent desecration of Shabbat by visitors of your website. A visitor who is located where Shabbat has begun, is redirected to a temporary closing page until Shabbat ends. Now, this sounds very interesting and positive. There is a free plan and also a Premium plan, that..."

Silvio Pinco: "What does it do?"

MG: "I don't know, I guess it serves you more efficiently."

SP: "I wonder what they do if, suppose someone from the international space station enters the website..."

MG: "The question is whether they can surf, that's the question."

SP: "No, they surf, yes."

MG: "If they have Wi-Fi up there."

SP: "They do, they do. Will they have access on Shabbat? When is Shabbat up there?"

MG: "We will submit this as a question to this service, the Holy Clock."